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What needs to be adressed more is the importance of therapy and how it can help a person become better. In our society going to therapy should be encouraged more than ever because we live in a world where we are easily distracted about other factors like social media. We are bombarded on a daily basis with information from the news and other sources this is why it is very important for a person to recognise when they need help and they should be able to feel understood when they seek it.
Furthermore, one of the most important parts of becoming self-aware and have a better mood is understanding your emotions and managing them efficiently, making sure that every single feeling of guilt, stress and worry is let out by one activity or another. From my experience, talking about an experience someone is worried about helps a lot (talking to a friend/someone close or journaling) or playing a sport can have a very big impact on someone’s level of energy and well-being. Moreover, taking up a hobby (cooking, painting, going on walks etc) can make someone relax and feel better. It is very important for that person to find interests that can help them detach from their problems because that hobby can become a distraction, an activity that stimulates them and that takes away from their worries.
It is crucial that mental health is taken seriously in this day and age because a lot of individuals are struggling. Having a support system can help a person find a place where they belong and that can varry from groups of friends to family to any sort of group that can help a person feel part of a community ( joining a club, volunteering etc). Most of the feelings of loneliness come from a place of feeling misunderstood and not finding a community with shared interests. Hopefully, we can start helping out our community by being kind and understanding the people that are struggling, provide a support system for them.