Promoting experience of political and social participation


Enhancing connection and exchange among grassroots NGOs at EU level


Establishing a connection between youngsters and policy makers at local and European level

About YOAC

At the heart of the project lies the experience of the lead partner in organising a Social Summer School – seven days of school and common life for young people on social and political issues – followed by a Caravan-trip to places relevant to the topics addressed. Such experience, integrated with methodologies and activities from other grassroots organizations, is followed by a set of initiatives which are aimed at establishing a dialogue between the young participants and local public authorities. Round tables are organised in each country with policy makers with the specific aim of establishing local agreements for the engagement of young people in politics. An International Manifesto is also drafted, summarising the recommendations emerged in each territory. Seminars and events are also organised in all project countries to actively involve young people, policy makers and the local community. The project will be continuously punctuated by international and national blogs and newspapers, to keep in touch the participants and improve the national and European dimension of their civic engagement. Beneficiaries of the project are primarily young women and men (18-29 years old) with and without fewer opportunities, grassroots associations and NGOs, as well as local and European decision-makers.