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  • Save the Children Romania, a national non-governmental, of public utility organization, has been promoting and protecting the rights of the child for 32 years. More than 1.900.000 children have been included in educational programs, protection, social and medical assistance programs, stimulating their participation in activities of promotion and recognition of their rights. At present, the organization has branches in 14 counties, more than 6000 members and over 2500 active volunteers.

    Save the Children Romania has been a pioneer in securing the rights of the most vulnerable children. Thus, it has set up services to reduce and prevent school dropout, educational support for disadvantaged families, promoting children’s right to education and participation. Save the Children Romania aims for a world in which every child has the right to life, protection, development and participation. So as, our mission is to make significant progress in the way children are treated and to make immediate and lasting changes in their lives.

    We are currently working on projects that address the organization’s top three priorities: reducing  neonatal mortality, facilitating access to quality education for children coming from vulnerable communities, and protecting children from any form of violence, neglect, or abuse, including those left behind, economical migration of parents and and children involved in the refugees crisis.

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Involved in this project

Daria Pricope

Project manager

Casiana Dumitrascu

Youth activities coordinator