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  •  Sulle Orme Odv was born in Soave (Verona-IT) in 2005 with the aim of proposing a possible idea of community and hospitality. Sulle Orme Odv hosts, in its community home, people who come from disadvantage situations and social marginalization. Since the foundation of the Association, life in our communities was completely shared between people hosted and educators. The main goal is to show to civil society that living together is possible, therefore we promote the growth and the autonomy of people, so they can reach their personal freedom. But, above all they can find themselves in a familiar and welcoming context. From Sulle Orme Odv two cooperatives were also founded: Multiforme Onlus and Cascina Albaterra, Both are places of training and work, in order to guarantee a dignified possibility of life for people hosted in our communities.

Involved in this project

Sara Benetti

Vice-President Sulle Orme Odv

Paolo Pasetto

President Sulle Orme Odv