On July 15, 2022, we met at the council chamber of the municipality of Soave with young people from the European project YOAC- Youth on a Caravan. The curiosity that the young people expressed in attending the meeting, and the interest they showed in the topics addressed by the project was for the members of the city council a reason for great and pleasant surprise. It was precisely this participation on their part that allowed the meeting to take place in the reciprocity of the exchange of ideas, enriching both sides with a free and spontaneous dialogue on current political and social issues. The exchange and discussion also led to having to confront different opinions, bringing to the debate the enrichment that only opposition and confrontation can give to a common thought. We are certain that education also passes through this being different. This is why the experience of exchange becomes a necessity in the contemporary social context, because of its dynamic and active character. Only through the exchange of thoughts, ideas and visions does the European community have a chance to stay alive. We are grateful to be able to be part of this project that includes five European countries, because it is a way to be able to develop a community mentality, which is fundamental to European living.

Meeting together among local communities to discuss European issues has been crucial in making the area understand that the European community experience comes first and foremost through the microcosm of small local communities. Doing Europe is not only a commitment of those who sit in Brussels, but it becomes a responsibility of every municipality, of every single citizen. The fact that we met in June and the work we are doing together in this project has allowed us to have this political and community experience. Young people have become a bridge, a link on the local reality that we live every day and the community value of the European Union. That is why we think it is necessary to enhance them in carrying out this task.

We just have to keep sitting at the same table, in the same circle, to promote youth activity and participation within local and territorial politics. The needs that emerged from our meeting were evident. Just as evident was the beauty and richness that young people can bring within our local communities. The European community passes through every small country in Europe, and young people can become promoters of this community living.

We just have to get to work!


Riccardo and Mirco for the municipality of Soave