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    Skills Mismatch: There is a disconnect between the skills possessed by many young people and the skills demanded by employers. The education system might not always align with the needs of the job market, resulting in youth being underqualified or lacking relevant skills for available positions.


    You’re absolutely right! The skills mismatch issue is a significant concern in today’s job market. Many young people invest time and money into education, only to find themselves underqualified for the jobs they want. It’s frustrating for both job seekers and employers. I think one way to address this problem is for educational institutions to work closely with industries to identify emerging skills and trends. This can help create more relevant and up-to-date curricula. Additionally, young people should also consider pursuing continuous learning and upskilling opportunities to bridge the gap between their current skills and what employers are looking for. It’s a complex issue, but with collaboration and adaptability, we can make progress towards a better match between skills and job opportunities.


    This problem is also present in Croatia. Secondary schools do not prepare students for the labor market. The focus is on rote learning and outdated information, methods and techniques. This results in young people leaving high school or college without the basic skills that employers are looking for. Not only that, but it does not even handle basic knowledge related to personal finances, account opening, credit, personal rights and the like, which is also a very big problem. I believe that it is necessary to start from the “source”, namely the professors in schools and colleges, changing the curriculum and introducing different methods and topics in subjects and courses. Only in this way will students be able to acquire adequate skills, which should be normal for education and are expected from it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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