In the long-lasting fight for rights, the right to free expression has been one of the essential points. Without it, the democracy we know today would not exist, and the changes we want to implement would not be possible.

Free expression is very important, especially for young people, because we want to actively participate in decision-making since the society we are building today should be oriented on our needs and should also represent a suitable setting for our growth. Even though it is hard at times for us youngsters to find friendly environments in which our opinions are truly considered, we are glad to acknowledge that there are plenty of projects supporting and encouraging us.

The YOAC project initiative of connecting young people from different social and political backgrounds is a remarkable approach on creating strong networks and inspiring teenagers to get into politics and be more aware of their impact on the future of society.

The YOAC experience helped us find our voice, confidence and prepared us with the necessary information. Our month in Italy showed us the reality of the world we live in and placed us in the middle of the problems, becoming familiar with them. At the same time, the YOAC adventure emphasized the importance of action, urging us to be part of the change.

As we were also part of Save the Children back in our country, we had a solid base to build on. Already being part of multiple programs that bring teenagers in contact with their rights, we saw this mobility project as an opportunity of enriching our knowledge.

The caravan we were part of was full of bright, innovative minds, ready to put into action what we were just learning from members of public administration.

We have to admit that it was also colorful and joyful because we are still children at times, but ones with great plans for the future!

Cristian Teodora / Mădălina Ionescu

Save the Children Romania