Youth on a Caravan (YOAC) is a journey through political participation in young people. After the training activities, the selected group of young people has embarked on a trip in Italy that started on the 7th of July and that will last a whole month, until the 30th of July.

This journey includes also educational activities, in fact the group will attend classes for seven days in a Social Summer School in Fittà, a small village in the province of Verona (Italy), hosted by “Sulle Orme”, that will end with a visit in Venice on the 14th of July. The programme of the school includes training sessions with national and international experts and meetings with other local, national and international realities. The young people are living together, sharing not only the school, ideas and discussions but also many aspects and activities of daily life. In addition, during the evenings each partner will be in charge of the organisation of activities and events. This is what turns a school into a life experience!

After that, they are going to jump into a caravan and start their new adventure: 14 days of journey through places relevant to the social and political topics addressed during the Summer School and during the training activities of the past months. The itinerary crosses Italy, touching relevant sites among which the Path of the Italian Constitution in Barbiana; Naples (Scampia) and Riace Mare; Cinisi-Palermo-Capaci, places symbolic of the fight against the Mafia; Lampedusa, the island where the dramas of migration are played out; Cinquefondi (Reggio Calabria) and finally, Rome and the International House of Women. The activities not only includes the visit of places of political interest, but also will be organised meetings with personalities of interest, among them politician and former MEP Elly Schlein; members of the politically committed music group Assalti Frontali; doctor, politician and MEP Pietro Bartolo; and the Combonian missionary Alex Zanotelli.

All the participants are excited for this experience and we recommend you to stay tuned for the updates of our group of youngs, the main characters of the project.